Miracle Rose

MIRACLE ROSE- Embryo Nucleic Acid Tissue Liquid 6 Ampuls

This product contains 55 kinds of biological active substances essential for life,
more than 30 kinds of amino acid, various vitamins and trace elements.

It has been proved by medical experiments that embryos is of favorable therapeutic effect
on deficiency of qi and blood, infertility, uterine hypoplsia, endoncrine disorder and skin pigment of women, deterioration of sexual function, impotence of men, bronchial asthma and virus infection, as well as can improve metabolism, physical functions and immunity, protect against virus, delay aging process.

Ingredients of Embryo Nucleic Acid Fluid

1. Nucleic Acid

Nucleic Acid is the basic substance of cells, which plays an important role in the growth and proliferation of cells, especially cellular metabolism and repair after cell aging and damage.
Injecting 2ml nucleic acid may double the life of cells.

2. Amino Acid

Embryo Nucleic Acid fluid contains more than 20 kinds of amino acids including essential amino acids, which are the fundamental substance constituting proteins in cells.
Thus, it play an important role in the growth and development of teenagers and the health and longevity of middle-aged peoples.

3. Natural Embryo Immune Protein and Hormone

Embryo Nucleic Acid Fluid contains rich HCG, TSH, luteotropin, cholesterol hormone and antibodies, which are of significant afficiency on improving skin quality, restoring skin elasticity and luster and ameliorate the microcirculation in skin, especially on serious skin aging of women an climacteric period. it can improve sexual function, prevent the thinning of vaginal muscous membrane and the flab of sphincter vagina and treat endocrine disorder, irregular menstruation, wrinkles and pigment caused by syndrome.

4. Cell Growth Factor

Embryo contains rich epidermal growth factor, BFGF, PDGF, TGF, IGF and cell growth promoter.
All of which may promote the growth and proliferation of the corressponding cells to activate the growth of skin cells, fibroblasts, endothelial cells of vessels and smooth muscle cells.
Furthermore, TGF can activate fibroblasts, inhibit horny cells in the surface of skin and significantly beautify skin and improve the metabolism of skin combining other Cell growth factor

5. Various Collagen and Nutrients

This product contains various collagen. Skin may experience aging process with age, when the collagen in the skin may be denatured with normal collagen decreased, resulting in the decrease of elasticity and flexibility of skin. By supplying normal collagen, the elasticity and flexibility can be restored.
The nutrients including sulfur compound, phospholipid, mucopolysaccharide, vitamins adn trace elements which play an important role in physical processes including metabolism and synthesis of protein.

Embryo Nucleic Acid Fluid is a highly concentrated biological product using high tech ultra low temperature conforms to the ISO-9001 Quality Control Standard.
Using Embryo Nucleic Acid can generate anti-HBsAg, anti-syphilis, anti HIV-1 / HIV-2 and anti- GCV antibodies. The product is stable in quality, good in concentration and purity, free of side effects and contraindications, easy and safe for use

6. Efficiencies of the products

First Treatment Course (12 amp of injections within 20-30 days)

– The skin will be left fine and white.
– Spots disappear.
– Wrinkles will be removed and the aging process will be postponed
– Immunity and defensive capacity against virus are improved
– The vitality of men will be quickly restored.
– Resistence against diseases and sexual function will be improved.
– The breast of women will be enlarged and elastic
– Vaginal wall of middle aged women is obviously contracted
– Menstruation will be normalized

Second Treatment Course (24 amp of injections within 30-60 days)

– Hematopiesis function will be activated and kidney, qi and blood will be tonified.
– The repair function of damaged organs will be effectively improved.
– Memory will be enchanced.
– Some women in climacteric age may regain menstruation and look several years younger.
– After using it, both husband and wife may prolong the duration for sexual intercourse.
– Recover vitality of physical functions and feel younger from inside out.

7. Usage

This product is yellowish transparent liquid, 2 ml per ampoule, for intramuscular injection, once every other day, 12 ampoule for treatment course. For the best cosmetic or health promotion effect, use it for 3 treatment courses.


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