Cherro Whitening

Cherro Whitening 10 Ampul

Cherro Whitening – Vitamin C + Collagen gradually whitens the skin’s colour and fades discolourations hyperpigmentations of the skin such as liver spots, freckles spots, wrinkles spots, age spots or skin pigmentations that were caused by exposure to the sun or during pregnancy.

However, the truth is that many of the available formulations contain very low concentrations of antioxidants and these are not well absorbed by the skin.

Cherro Whitening on the other hand, is an important antioxidant, which when manufactured into a stable topical formulation, is proven to be effective in protecting against photo aging of the skin. Once appkied, concentrated Vitamin C + Collagen will be absorbed into the body and cannot be sweated off so easily.

Cherro Whitening cosmetic ampoules is a concentrate with an anti oxidant which is very effective in protecting the skin with the Collagen contect formulated with it. Free radical formation can also increase because of pollutants, radiation, emotional stress, smoking, excessive alcohol, infection, and some drugs.

Cherro Whitening has more benefits. Skin appearance is improved as it reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Cherro Whitening promotes wound healing as it stabilises collagen production. It is especially beneficial for those who wants to have fairer and healthier skin.
Vitamin C has a tendency to degrade rapidly; this is the reason it is best presented in a glass cosmetic ampoule.


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